Saturday, July 17, 2010

Our Herb and Veggie Garden

It's tough to grow herbs and veggies in a little apartment a big city. It's obvious that the tomatoes don't like their environment, but one of the plants worked hard and pumped one cherry out! Reuben and I are trying to decide who gets to eat it.

World Cup

We did go to one game downtown. We wore our red! Korea Shouting! Later we found photographs of this game in the city. Although Reuben usually sticks out like a sore thumb, we had a hard time actually seeing him in this photo. But we were there!

Reuben' top two teams made it to the finals. A sad loss for him and many others. Games usually played at 3:30am here, but despite this the games were NOT missed. This is Reuben watching the game on our borrowed projector from the comfort of our temporary bed in the living room.

Dad Visits Seoul

Not just any weekend, but Father's Day weekend we enjoyed our Dad's visit to Seoul.

Bye bye Ben

This spring we said goodbye to our friend Ben. His time in Korea has come to an end and he is moving on to new adventures.

Meet Mix and Mingle

We had a little house party in our home this for all the Foreign/English speakers that live in our building. It was wonderful getting to know our neighbours more!

Our Friend Whitney

On Tuesdays we have our friend Whitney over, try new food and drink recipes, and talk about this journey of life. We are grateful for her in our lives!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Anmyeon-Do with the Husteds

We enjoyed a weekend away, to an island on the west sea called Anmeon, with our lovely friends Scott and Dionne.

We were taking a walk on the beach when we saw this air craft - the guys couldn't resist for only 40,000 won (about $40) so they took turns touring the island by air.

We had such beautiful weather. We strolled through what was landscaped and manicured to be in the King's Garden.

We couldn't get enough of the ocean and the fresh air.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

The AT Home Office

Because we were coming back for, what we thought was going to be, a short stint, we moved into Adventure Teaching's office. Our humble home, although not the most spacious, still welcomes visitors!!! It looks like this might be home for a little bit longer for our ways are not His ways!

Taebek San (Mountain)

We escaped the city for a weekend and soaked in the mountain air, changing season and good friends at Taebek San.